My Gear Bag

Here is a collection of equipment that I use and trust. I don’t necessarily bring all of this equipment with me every time I shoot – I generally only bring what is necessary for a given situation. In each section you’ll find links to the gear on B&H.

Cameras & Lenses

My Gear Bag - Cameras

These are the camera bodies I use for stills, video, or both…

Dollies & Sliders

My Gear Bag - Dollies and Sliders

This is the equipment I use to get the camera moving and add energy to a shot…

Follow Focus Systems

My Gear Bag - Follow Focus SystemsWhen shooting video on a camera that only has manual focus controls, a well-designed follow focus is key to capturing successful footage.

Support Systems

My Gear Bag - Support SystemsCheck out this section for Tripods, Fluid Heads, Vehicle Mounts, and more.