Support Systems

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Video Tripods & Heads

Sachtler Ace M Fluid Head with 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod & Mid-Level SpreaderSachtler Ace Head and Tripod – B&H# SASACEMMS

Sachtler is much-respected around the filmmaking community and this is their entry-level offering. It’s the smallest and least expensive combo kit in their line-up. Fine for a small camcorder or a lightly-dressed HDSLR but be sure not to overload it with a rig that is too heavy. My wife loves her light-weight Ace and carries it around herself without complaint! Supports cameras up to 8.8 pounds.

Sachtler FSB-6 Fluid HeadSachtler FSB-6 Fluid Head – B&H# SAFSB6

A substantial step up from the Ace Head, this is the least expensive of what I consider to be Sachtler’s “small-camera” heads. Excellent damping on both Pan & Tilt. Supports camera rigs from 2.2 to 13.2 pounds.

1_Sachtler_FSB8Sachtler FSB-8 Fluid Head – B&H# SAFSB8

This is my main work-horse. As with the Ace and the SB-6, the SB-8 accepts a quick-release camera plate that is very similar in design to the UniRail architecture found on my own IDC SYSTEM ONE camera support system. SYSTEM ONE drops right into the head without the need of a separate quick-release plate and balances perfectly – the first time and every time. Supports camera rigs from 2 to 20 pounds.

Manfrotto Fluid Video Head with Monopod Manfrotto Fluid Video Head with Monopod – B&H# MA561BHDV1

This is another “must have” camera support device! A monopod with a fluid-damped panning base and a small fluid head is indispensable. As with a huge selection of  small Gitzo, Sachtler, and Manfrotto heads, this monopod’s tiny fluid head is also directly compatible with the UniRail-based IDC SYSTEM ONE. No accident, that!

Vehicular Mounting Systems

Matthews Master Mount Car Mounting SystemMatthews Master Mount Car Mounting System – B&H# MAMMCMS

Three powerful industrial-grade suction cups, combined with  a nice set of steel “Tinker Toy” rods and clamps, form the foundation of a very useful car-mounting kit. Don’t forget to add safety cables or heavy-duty zip ties for those “OMG” moments. Sh*t happens, even with the best rigged gear…

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