Bruce Dorn

Expeditions 7: Australia

Today we kick-off the Australian leg of Expeditions 7! Our two VDJ78 Toyota Troopies have been perfectly serviced by the great team at Sci-Fleet Toyota in Brisbane, and we’re itching to hit the dirt…

To make our lives much easier, our Lead Adventurer, Greg Miller, has just acquired a spankin’ new VDJ79 Double Cab to serve as our Fuel Mule and Bad Brucie’s camera truck. It’s awesome!

Prepped by ARB Cooper’s Plains – just outside of Brisbane – this uber-cool truck has been dubbed “Sherpa 2” by the team. Equipped with tray-back and a ridged canopy, our new mechanical team member replaced the much-loved but terribly under-powered original “Sherpa 1” – a ransom-note-like and rather elderly HZJ79 with an asthmatic inline 6…

Our new rig has the same turbo-diesel V8 as our VDJ78’s and should have no problem keeping up – despite carrying an extra 675 liters of diesel fuel. We’ll need plenty of the precious stuff to complete long unsupported sections of our ultimate challenge, the famously tough Canning Stock Route.

So, tomorrow we’ll jump off of the pavement and onto the dirt for our first taste of Australian Overlanding on Expeditions 7: Australia. We begin our journey with an outback route to Alice Springs – the first major waypoint on our second full lap of the world…


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