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SYSTEM ZERO Follow FocusSYSTEM ZERO Follow Focus

This is my original award-winning follow focus for small form-factor cameras. Available in either Geared or Gearless form, this compact and camera-specific follow focus will fit your camera perfectly – right out of the box. Those seeking affordability, amazing functionality, Made-in-America quality, and a super-sexy form-follows-function design philosophy need look no further than IDC’s SYSTEM ZERO…

SYSTEM ONE Follow FocusSYSTEM ONE Follow Focus

Created within the same design philosophy that brought you the unique and capable SYSTEM ZERO for small form-factor cameras, IDC’s SYSTEM ONE is the answer for larger cameras such as the Canon Cinema EOS line, the 1D-X & 1D-C, and the Sony NEX FS100 & FS700. This cleverly-designed and impeccably-balanced camera support system and follow focus definitely rewrites the rules!

SYSTEM ROD Follow FocusSYSTEM ROD Follow Focus

If you’re already heavily invested in 15mm rod-based camera accessories but wish to enjoy the benefits of our totally unique Geared or Gearless Follow Focus, SYSTEM ROD is what you seek…


  1. Hi Bruce, I’m looking for a follow focus & carry handle solution for my Black Magic Cinema Camera. I want to keep things simple, mostly hand held & monopod/tripod, not keen on rails or cages. I really like your minimal system, I also own a canon 60D so I come from DSLR moving into video. I’m mainly a hobbyist, I wonder if any of your systems would fit the BMC?

    Sydney, Australia

    PS Love the site btw

    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks for the kind words 🙂
      I’m just back from an adventure in Oz! Beautiful country…

      No plans for IDC to support the Black Magic Camera at this point in time. It looks like an interesting rig but at this time we’re focusing on higher volume brands like Canon, Nikon, & Sony.

      Best regards,


  2. Hi Bruce,

    I’m looking to get either your geared or gearless System Zero follow focus unit. I do a lot of mountaineering trips and some of my filming with be in cold, wet, snowy, wintery weather conditions. Which would you recommend, the geared or gearless? I’ve been wondering wether the gearless would slip in icy conditions.

    Many thanks!

    • Hi Chris – The friction-based gearless unit is great most of the time but I definitely recommend the geared version for guys just like you. It’s equally compact but just right for lenses with stiff helicoids or any lenses that are routinely used in cold and wet conditions…

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