Bruce Dorn

Jeepers Creepers!

What do you do when you have brief access to an awesome custom Jeep but it’s raining cats & dogs? Head for the hills, of course! In this case the hills are actually the beautiful Red-Rock mesas around Sedona Arizona.

The slanting rain and low cloud cover does nothing but drench me to the skin and greatly enhance the awesome visual experience so no complaints from me! I produced these images for off-road accessory manufacturer, ARB, and the editorial team over at The Overland Journal.

What? You don’t already subscribe to The Overland Journal? Shame on you if you’re interested in adventure travel and great imagery from around the world. I’m traveling with the team as one of the Adventure Cinematographers and we’ve already completed Lap One of two full circuits around the globe. Subscribe now to follow along – and don’t forget to pick up a couple of back issues to see what you’ve already missed…

Here’s a link to a free digital sample but you really want to hold this magazine in your hands so be sure to subscribe too!

All photography © Copyright Bruce Dorn and, 2013. All rights reserved.

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