Bruce Dorn

WPPI 2013 – Platform Class

WPPI 2013

Mon, Mar 11, 2013 – 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Class Title:
No Dinosaurs Allowed! Easy HDSLR Filmmaking Techniques for Ambitious Still Photographers

Class Description:

Your camera can handle it – can you? The future holds countless opportunities for imagemakers who are willing to evolve their skill-sets to include motion-based storytelling. Photographer/Director/Cinemato¬≠grapher, Bruce Dorn, will share the tips, tools, and techniques that have allowed him to massively expand his business model. Why sheepishly say “No” when a well-funded client asks you if you also shoot video? Someone else will surely say “Yes!!!” and take your business. Evolve and prosper!”

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One comment

  1. I saw this presentation at the Canon booth during CES, it was wonderful. He does a show and tell about his trips to Africa. He explains how he uses long glass to tell a story. He explains how he isolates a subject with Super zooms ( Explorer of light gets all the cool glass, EF 800mm IS usm, WOW).

    He shows tricks of the trade for going on location, like a little cloth bag he carries that holds two Ziploc bags. When it gets on location, he fills the Ziploc with rice and puts the filled bags in the cloth bag and uses it as a bean bag tripod. When he is finished he feeds the birds with the rice. He is a super intelligent guy full of wonderful nuggets of information.

    I wont look at my Dorn Magic Slipper in the same way ever again. Mr. Dorn is just great and should not be missed.

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